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Shamamatul Amber Attar

It is traditional Indian attar made up of herbals, essential oils, species& Indian attars. It is an art to make shamamatulamber, because it involves the mixing of a variety of herbals, essential oils, species & Indian attar in step wise manner through traditional method of Degbhapka & Patila. A single microscopic fault may cause in degrading of product quality so it always required expert hands in the compounding of shamamatul amber as done in singhai fragrances under the guidance of Mr. J.K Jain having 45 year of Indian attar manufacturing experience. Shamamatul amber belongs to upgraded category of hina attar.

shamamatul amber has warm effect on body so it is very much being use in winter season, it involve most wide applications in chewing tobacco & Gutkha industry to create warm & herbal flavor in their product &Hina attar price wise low category of shamama has wide application in incense stick & hair oil industry as well.

  • Hina No.5
  • Shamama No.15
  • Shamama No 30
  • Shamama S.K.
  • Shamama C.K.
  • Top note : Spicy, herbal
  • Middle & base note : Woody, earthy
  • 5% to 7% : In Gutkha & chewing tobacco compounds
  • 10% to as per requirement : in incense sticks
  • 1kg, 5kg, 25kg

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