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Traditional Attar

Natural aroma, attar & Indian natural perfume : Indian natural perfume is known as attar in India & Kanauj is famous as a Itra nagari (perfumery city) around the world, where we manufacturer variety of Natural Indian perfume & Essential Oils like Mogra(Bela), Genda Absolute (Genda Ruh), Kesar Attar, Mehndi Attar, Vetiver Oil (Ruh Khus) Shamamtulamber, Hina. AND at our Vermana village unit, we manufacture Rose Attar (Gulab), Rose Oil (Rose absolute, Gulab Ruh), Kewda Attar,Kewda Absolute(Kewda Ruh)are being manufacture at our Orissa unit. For the manufacturing of rose perfume (Gulab Attar) & Absolute (Ruh), we use damask rose (Rosa damascena) which is the best quality rose amongst all roses found all over the globe. We use traditional hydro distillation method in the manufacturing of our products & our all manufacturing units are very near to the garden of flowers, so we are able to use morning fresh flower for our manufacturing, that̢۪s why our products are very much near to the nature, has fine & clear aroma of particular product.


Shamamatul Amber Attar
It is traditional Indian attar made up of herbals, essential oils, species& Indian attars. It is an art to make shamamatulamber, because it involves the mixing of a variety of herbals, essential oils, species & Indian attar in step wise manner through traditional method of Degbhapka & Patila. A single microscopic fault may cause in degrading of

Mukhallat Attar
Our Attar Mukhallat is a blend of variety of attar, species & fragrances, which creates soothing & soul touching fragrance with musky, ambery & woody odor. Its soothing aroma used for meditation, prayer & pleasure. Its volatile & heart catching Aroma also used to remove and suppress body bad odors & to prepare perfumery compounds.

Majmua Attar
Singhai fragrances Attar Majmua comes with the trade name of Attar 100%majmua. It is a blend of traditional natural perfumes and essential oils having intoxicating & sensational aroma, which uplifts your spirit & eradicates stress as well. The inimitable fragrance of attar 100% majmua overwhelms your senses. Attar 100% majmuahas musky, green cool